Space Applications Optimization: Dinamica Srl can develop and customize algorithms for multiobjective and global optimization for the solution of trajectory design, spacecraft system and subsystem design, and palnning and scheduling problems. Furthermore, Dinamica Srl can apply and customize local optimization methods to the solution of huge parametric optimization problems, result of direct numerical transcription of optimal control problems.

Autonomy: On-board autonomy is actually one of the most challenging discipline for space applications. Its importance is linked to the possibility of improving the scientific return of a mission by using autonomous systems which can react real-time to the changing operational environment. Dinamica Srl expertise covers different segments of the control process including Planning and Scheduling, Diagnosis and FDIR.


Advanced Control Astrodynamics: Astrodynamics is one of the most important disciplines for the design of a space mission. In this field we offer solutions to a wide class of problems including trajectory optimization, non-keplerian orbits, atmospheric phases, and formation flying.

Robust Design: The design of space trajectories and systems is always affected by uncertainties. Sensitive analysis and robust design are necessary tools to assure the achievement of missions goals regardless the presence of such uncertainties. Classical Monte Carlo simulation and robust control approaches are offered by Dinamica Srl to deal with both trajectory and spacecraft subsystem design, as well as advanced high order methods.