Optimization and Control


Green EnergyDinamica Srl has acquired a deep knowledge in the field of optimization by developing and applying diffenerent techiques to a wide set of space related problems. Great experience has been gained in the field of stochastic methods for the solution of global optimum problems with the development of algorithms based on Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Programming and Evolutionary Strategies improved through the extensive use of innovative heuristics. Local optimizer too have been extensively used for solving huge parametric optimization problems deriving from different optimization problems including: low-thrust interplanetary transfers, atmospheric phases guidance determination, formation flying reconfiguration and trajectory optimization in chaotic dynamical systems.

Operational ResearchTools have been developed in-house based on Fast Evolutionary Programming and Particle Swarm Optimization methods, which can efficiently describe the Pareto optimal front of problems characterized by a large number of objective functions. Furthermore, we can formulate optimization problems in order to be numerically solved by different commercial local optimizer (i.e. Matlab Optimization Toolbox and SNOPT). Promising results have been recently obtained in the field of deterministic methods, which are encouraging the possibility of developing new metamodel-based optimization tools.