Stardust Stardust Opening Training School
Dinamica will participate to the Stardust Opening Training School (OTS). Stardust OTS is the first network-wide training event, and will be held at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland on 18-22 November 2013. The school will lay the groundwork for the upcoming research activity on monitoring and removal/deflection of space debris and asteroids.
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Stardust Global Virtual Workshop
Dinamica will participate to the first Stardust Global Virtual Workshop (SGVW-1), which will be held in Glasgow on the 7th-9th May 2014. SGVW-1 will be a joint workshop with institutions outside Europe to share knowledge as well as existing and future initiatives with researchers of other leading countries.
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Open Position
Dinamica Srl is recruiting an Experienced Researcher in the frame of the EU-funded Initial Training Network Stardust in the field of Active Removal/Deflection of Uncooperative Targets, specifically on Mission Analysis and Deflection Control Under Uncertainty.
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Space Applications


Space Within space field Dinamica Srl is capable of providing high-tech solutions in a wide set of areas inclunding:

• System Design and Optimization
• Solution for System Autonomy
• Mission Analysis
• Robust Trajectory Design and Optimization

Modeling and Simulation


Modeling and Simulation Dinamica Srl can provide custom solutions for the modeling and simiulation of complex systems in any industrial application field. In partcular, Dinamica Srl can offer efficient and affordable solutions for uncertainty management in such systems.

Example of complex systems other than space systems are:

• Industrial Plants (chemical or production)
• Logistic Infrastructures
• Any process or system for which a simple model is not sufficient...

Optimization and Control


Optimization and Control Dinamica Srl can provide custom advanced solutions for the optimization and control of complex system and processes both for space applications and in other industrial fields. Dinamica Srl can provide customized tools for global and local optimization based on novel techniques and methods.

Dinamica Srl has a strong expertise in the development of advanced control systems, acquired dealing with space applications, that can be succesfully applied to any complex process in other industrial fields.